1.5 A, 12 V Low Dropout Positive Linear Voltage Regulator


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Vin [V] 30.00
Iout [A] 1.50
Vref min [V] 1.22
Vref typ [V] 1.25
Vref max [V] 1.27
Vout min [V] 4.90
Vout typ [V] 5.00
Vout max [V] 5.10
Package LCC20
Data Sheet SVR001B.PDF


• Eutectic Die Attach
• Superior to LM117 Types
• Complimentary Use with SVR1085 Types
• Fast Switching
• Isolated Hermetically Sealed Power Package
• 150°C Operating Temperature
• Custom Lead Forming Available
• Ceramic Seal Package Available
• Class H or K (Space) Screening Available
• Radiation Tolerant Devices are Available

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