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Button Rectifiers
Button Rectifiers (PDF, ~1MB)

SSDI’s Button package is a surface mount option for high current rectifiers providing ultra-low thermal resistance, typically 0.8˚C/W for θJ-C (Theta junction-case). The classic DO-4/5 type stud packages or TO type metal cans offer similar performance but require the added cost of complying with electrical isolation and wiring harness for the DO package; and the metal can requires a through-hole board plus mechanical attachment of the package flange to the heat sink. Read more...

Radiation Detector PIN Diode
SPD9441 Radiation Detector PIN Diode (PDF, ~0.7MB)

SPD9441 Radiation Detector PIN Diodes are high efficiency detectors of nuclear and electromagnetic radiation including gamma radiation, electron radiation and x-rays. Utilizing a high reliability construction method, the SPD9441 has an operating and storage temperature range of -65°C to +200°C and will survive liquid to liquid cryogenic thermal cycling of -180°C to +100°C. This device is a direct replacement for the UM9441 and is characterized by a high photocurrent sensitivity and ceramic frit glass construction noted for high reliability. Read more...

SPA648 and SPA649
SPD1520 Series | SPA648 and SPA649 (PDF, ~1MB)

SSDI recently introduced a new series of SPD1520 hyperfast diodes that are rated at 15 A and available in voltages from 100 V to 600 V. The SPD1520 diode is designed to be mounted directly to a thermally conductive PCB and is available in 3 configurations: Button for best thermal performance, SMS for classic surface mount with end-tabs, and the new Gullwing lead with a narrow foot-print width (0.10” vs 0.15” for SMS) that is suitable when board space is critical. SSDI has taken the SPD1520 series a step further by offering it in pairs in an SPA648 and SPA649 isolated assembly. Read more...

Practical Consideration for Maximum Operating Temperature (PDF, 160KB)

Every SSDI semiconductor product comes with a data sheet that provides key electrical characteristics, maximum ratings, mechanical properties and important features of the device. In this paper, one of the key maximum ratings - Operating Temperature - will be discussed. Read more...

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