Power Discretes, Hybrids, & Modules

Power Discretes

Evolution of Power Products
With its in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, SSDI offers a wide range of package options for its power products. Since 1967, SSDI has delivered high power discretes in stud mount and TO-can style packages. While continuing to support legacy programs, SSDI has also developed high density, surface mount packages to provide innovative alternatives to upgrade existing designs or enhance new designs.

Two Terminal Power Packages

  • Button Tab
  • Sedpack and Centertap Sedpack
  • Surface Mount Packages for Rectifiers, Schottkys, Zeners and TVS

Three Terminal Power Packages

  • Cerpack
  • SMD Packages for FETs, IGBTs, Bipolar NPNs and PNPs, Thyristors
Power Hybrids

Half-Bridge, N-Channel MOSFET
Power Hybrids
Since 1967, SSDI has built several power hybrid devices based on source control drawings, but now those will be complemented by standard catalog devices. With its reputation for high reliability discretes, assemblies, and power modules, the interest in SSDI’s hybrid capabilities has intensified with its customers’ concerns with their current sources. Whether a replacement part is needed to overcome obsolescence issues or unique part is needed for a new design, SSDI’s technical experts have a proven track record of delivering application specific package / die combinations to meet the most rigorous customer requirements.

Hybrid Capabilities

  • Full in-house design and prototype capability
    • Package / lead modifications
    • Address additional requirements / modifications such as built-in Zener diode protection, gate resistor, built-in isolated / non-isolated gate drivers and anti-parallel diode for faster switching
  • Production of small to large volumes of different product-mix
  • Customized functional testing
  • Combination of hybrid and SMT
  • Substrate: 96% alumina, aluminum nitride, Al2O3 DBC, ALN DBC, BeO DBC
  • Die selection / matching for optimal performance over the full operating temperature range
  • Die bonding with a variety of eutectic or high temperature soft solders or epoxies
  • Ultrasonic Al wire bonding from 0.001" to 0.20" dia.
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Gross and fine leak verification
  • Bond pull and die shear strength testing
  • Screening and processing per MIL-PRF-38534
  • LCC20

Power Modules

600 V, 200 A IGBT Half Bridge
More than twenty-five years ago, SSDI launched the first hermetic application specific power module for space flight, combining the reliability of discrete semiconductors with the design advantages of conventional power hybrids. SSDI's power module configurations include, but are not limited to:
  • Three phase bridge
  • Half bridge switch
  • Full bridge switch
  • Boost converter
  • Buck converter
  • Double forward converter
  • Thrust vector controls

Power Module Advantages

  • Improved Performance - discrete components are tested at full current / power ratings and can be selected for matched performance prior to PM assembly
  • Improved Reliability - uses prescreened & qualified components and thermally matched materials to maximize power evacuation while minimizing thermal stress
  • Higher Working Currents and Lower Conduction Losses– replaces wire bonds with heavy gauge, high current handling heatsunk copper traces
  • Weight Reduction – uses lightweight materials
  • Simplified Next Level Assembly – terminations optimally located to interface with the system
  • Any Size or Shape – takes full advantage of available system real estate, including 3D capability
  • Any Terminal Type– high power threaded, soldered male/female turrets, flex cable, power bar, etc; mix & match different control and power connections
  • Repairable / Reworkable

Performance / Features

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Layout optimized for circuitry and I/O
  • Includes passive components such as:
    • Thermistors or current sense resistors
    • Capacitors
    • Inductors
  • Thermal stress minimization via CTE matched materials
  • Application specific solution
  • Simplifies procurement with single item

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