Obsolescence & Sustainment Support




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Solutions for Sustainment
    TO-52 package - Hard to Find Products
  • Die Bank / Raw Material Inventories
    • Utilize OEM die / materials
    • Actively pursue relationships and purchases of key inventories
    • Over 10,000,000 obsolete semiconductor die in environmentally controlled inventory
    • Over 4,000,000 obsolete semiconductor components in environmentally controlled inventory
  • Substitute Die / Package
    • Utilize knowledge of device performance, design and application to select and qualify suitable replacements of original products
  • Re-Design / Re-Manufacture
    • Utilize knowledge of device performance, design and application with semiconductor design expertise and foundry relationships
  • Insertion of New / Improved Technologies
    • Utilize new technologies modified for form, fit and function
    • Solve reliability and performance problems of old designs
  • Design and Foundry Operations
  • Analysis and Element Evaluation
    • MIL-PRE-19500 JANHC / JANKC
    • MIL-PRF-38534
    • Radiation
DMSMS SCD, Custom and Standard High Reliability Semiconductors

Technical, manufacturing and test / screening support for:

    Ministud packages - Hard to Find Products
  • Rectifiers / Schottkys
  • Zeners and TVS products
  • Bipolar Junction Transistors - Small Signal, Medium Signal and Power
  • Darlingtons
  • Linear Voltage Regulators
  • JFETs
  • Thyristors / SCRs
  • Unijunction Transistors / PUTs
  • High Power Rectifiers - DO-9 / Hockey Pucks
  • High Voltage Assemblies
  • RF Devices
Key Advantages of SSDI's Sustainment Support
  • Wide range of data sheets available including QPL products
  • Build to Source Control Drawings (SCDs)
  • Able to build replacements for competitor's products - often providing higher density and / or high performance versions
  • Engineering / Manufacturing / Quality Review - initial discussion and assessment to determine how SSDI can best fulfill customers' product needs
    • Major / minor electrical parameters: options to upgrade performance
    • Testing and screening requirements
    • Packaging options: modifications to meet mechanical requirements
  • Package / Tooling
    • Large inventory of obsolete "DO" and "TO" package styles
    • Custom component subcontractor base
    • In-house machine shop for tooling and short-run package manufacturing
    • Package manufacturing / ceramic to metal brazing / hermetic assemblies
  • Samples available for most products
  • Read & Record Data and QCI Data provided where available
  • Uniquely positioned to accommodate sporadic, small quantity orders over a long time frame
TO-3 & TO-66 products - Hard to find products

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