2024.01.18 - New & Featured Products 2024 Brochure Released

SSDI has released its NEW & FEATURED PRODUCTS 2024 brochure, which highlights new, high reliability products developed primarily for aerospace and defense applications. SSDI introduced new, radiation tolerant 100 volt P-channel MOSFETs. Since P-channel MOSFETs have less customer demand and more challenging manufacturing processes compared to N-channel MOSFETs, some semiconductor manufacturers are reluctant to offer these devices. In contrast, SSDI will continue to expand this product line especially in light of the tremendous interest received by the recent 60 volt offerings.

SSDI continually pushes to deliver new, higher performance products. For example, while there may be wider customer demand for 500 W and 1,000 W TVS devices, SSDI developed a new 2,500 W bidirectional TVS available in a small axial leaded or surface mount square tab package. By continually pushing for higher performance, SSDI's product solutions can replace multiple devices for space programs struggling to meet board space and weight restrictions. The design flexibility, which SSDI demonstrates in new product development, can also be used to target key electrical characteristics required by specific customer applications.

This brochure also includes SSDI's SiC MOSFETs (see table on the right). When customers have had supply issues with competitors' silicon MOSFETs, SSDI has offered higher voltage, faster switching SiC MOSFETs as a higher performance alternative. For example, the SFC57N170 can provide performance advantages like a high voltage of 1700 V and a low RDS(on) of 45 mΩ typical when replacing silicon MOSFETs starting at 800 V. SSDI's in-house tooling and packaging capabilities also allow it to meet customers' specific mechanical requirements. If the die can fit in a particular package, SSDI can often accommodate alternative packaging options.

SSDI offers a wide array of products including rectifiers, Schottkys, Zeners, TVS, FETs, bipolar transistors, thyristors, and assemblies. Each product section begins with the advantages that SSDI's parts offer over the competition (see example on the right). This brochure also indicates parts that have heritage or have recently been designed in for defense (Designed in for Defense application) and / or space (Designed in for Space application) applications.

The main purpose of this brochure is to introduce SSDI's product capabilities and provide a springboard for discussing your specific program needs. If your program needs solutions for supply chain, performance, or reliability issues, please contact SSDI online or at (562) 404-4474.

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