Power Hybrids

Power Hybrids

Power Hybrids


Since 1967, SSDI has built several power hybrid devices based on source control drawings, but now those will be complemented by standard catalog devices. With its reputation for high reliability discretes, assemblies, and power modules, the interest in SSDI’s hybrid capabilities has intensified with its customers’ concerns with their current sources. Whether a replacement part is needed to overcome obsolescence issues or unique part is needed for a new design, SSDI’s technical experts have a proven track record of delivering application specific package / die combinations to meet the most rigorous customer requirements.

Featured Products: Half-Bridge, N-Channel MOSFET HiRel Power Hybrids Family

Flatpack - 12 pin package
Flatpack - 12 pin package
SSDI is proud to announce three new half-bridge, N-Channel MOSFET Power Hybrids, the SPH3270FP, SPH12100FP, and SPH24100FP. These hermetic devices share many key features and are ideal for high reliability applications such as motor controls, inverters, converters, robotics, etc.

Max Ratings
SPH3270FP SPH12100FP SPH24100FP
ID 32 A 12 A 24 A
VDSS 700 V 1000 V 1000 V
EAS 1100 mJ 650 mJ 1200 mJ
PD 208 W 125 W 250 W
RΘJC 0.6°C/W 1.0°C/W 0.5°C/W
RDS(ON) 0.094 Ω 0.34 Ω 0.18 Ω
QG (@ 10V) 250 nC
(170 nC typ)
150 nC
(95 nC typ)
300 nC
(200 nC typ)

The low on-resistance ratings of these devices are a key advantage, which translates into high efficiency, fast switching capabilities with lower conduction losses and cooler operation. These characteristics can potentially lower costs by reducing the number of components and heat-sinking requirements needed. In addition to the performance benefits, the high reliability of these hybrid products is exhibited by the rugged poly-Si gate, high single pulse avalanche energy rating, voltage rating, and hermetically sealed isolated packaging (flat pack – 12 pin package). Class H and K Level screening based on MIL-PRF-38534 are available.

Hybrid Capabilities
  • Full in-house design and prototype capability
    • Package / lead modifications
    • Address additional requirements / modifications such as built-in Zener diode protection, gate resistor, built-in isolated / non-isolated gate drivers and anti-parallel diode for faster switching
  • Production of small to large volumes of different product-mix
  • Customized functional testing
  • Combination of hybrid and SMT
  • Substrate: 96% alumina, aluminum nitride, Al2O3 DBC, ALN DBC, BeO DBC
  • Die selection / matching for optimal performance over the full operating temperature range
  • Die bonding with a variety of eutectic or high temperature soft solders or epoxies
  • Ultrasonic Al wire bonding from 0.001" to 0.20" dia.
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Gross and fine leak verification
  • Bond pull and die shear strength testing
  • Screening and processing per MIL-PRF-38534
  • LCC20
Typical Circuits
  • Linear voltage regulators
  • Current regulators
  • Motor drivers & controllers
  • Power factor correction modules
  • Converters
  • DC to DC converters
  • Fire control
  • Inverters
  • Power amplifiers
  • Rectifier networks (with or without snubbers)
  • Supervisory circuits
  • Oscillators

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