High Voltage Products

HV Heritage
  • In the 1960s, high voltage vacuum tubes were being used in radar systems
  • SSDI developed and shipped a solid state rectifier tube replacement which had the same envelope as the vacuum tube, but was able to function indefinitely
  • SSDI's 1st High Voltage Product - Solid State Tube Replacement
    SSDI's 1st HV Product (c. 1967)
Advantages of SSDI's HV Products
  • Utilize hermetic components
  • Utilize proprietary processes - developed and optimized over 50 years to set the standard for performance and reliability
    • Spot Welding: 20 - 60 mil leads
    • Soldering: solder applied to all welded interconnects for extra reliability
    • End Tab Attach: utilizing high temperature solder
    • Vacuum Soldering (DAP): eliminates voids in large area attach
    • Vapor Phase Soldering: efficiently solder complex shapes without overheating
    • Vacuum Encapsulation: ensure void free potting and no corona
    • Lead Finish: primarily lead based solder, but can do lead free upon request
  • Wide range of standard and custom high voltage bridges and assemblies
  • Expertise in series, parallel, and series-parallel constructions
  • Design review and analysis to assure that module performance meets or exceeds SCD specifications
  • 20 kV Rectifier Bridge
    20 kV Rectifier Bridge
HV Technical Capability
  • Voltage - standard to 20 kV, extended HV range to > 50 kV
  • Current - standard to 5 A, extended Current range > 50 A
  • Recovery Time - most common speed is 40 - 90 nsec, available as low as 15 nsec and as high as 5 µsec
  • Surge Current - standard to 100 A, extended range > 400 A
  • Stackable High Voltage Rectifier Assemblies
    600+kV Stackable HV Rectifier Assemblies
Developed & Delivered 100,000+ HV Modules:
  • Doorbell Rectifiers - up to 15 kV and 20 A
  • High Voltage Multipliers - up to 20 kV and 200 mA
  • High Voltage Power Supplies - multiple configurations capable of operating up to a 1 kW (2) TWT tube missile application
  • High Voltage Multiple Bridges - used for powering TWT's in airborne applications
  • High Voltage Stick Rectifiers - up to 15 kV and 2 A
  • Miniaturized, Space Qualified, High Voltage Bridge with Voltage Multiplier
  • High Voltage Zener - reference voltage up to 12.5 kV
Typical Applications
    Space Level High Voltage Multiplier
    Space Level HV Multiplier
  • Radar
  • TWT Communication
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Pulsed Energy
  • Voltage Multipliers
  • High Voltage Power Supplies

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