2023.10.18 - New, RAD Tolerant 100 V PFETs for HiRel Programs

High Density, Radiation Tolerant 100 V PFETs for Aerospace & Defense

La Mirada, California – SSDI continually strives to develop new, high density products specifically for critical aerospace and defense applications. SSDI’s radiation tolerant 100 volt P-channel MOSFETs are the latest release of high density, high performance, and high reliability product solutions. The SFF12P10S.22 delivers -12 A, -100 V, and a low RDS(on) of 145 mΩ typical. The SFF25P10S.3 offers -25 A, -100 V, and a low RDS(on) of 62 mΩ typical. These fast switching devices also have a low total gate charge of 8 nC typical and 17 nC typical, respectively.

Last year, SSDI released a line of radiation tolerant -60 V P-channel MOSFETs, which have since been designed in for multiple space applications. SSDI developed the SFF12P10S.22 and SFF25P10S.3 for high reliability applications to meet higher voltage requirements while still maintaining a small package size. The SFF12P10S.22 is available in the SMD.22 ceramic package which has a small footprint of .157 in. x .227 in. max. The SFF25P10S.3 is available in the SMD.3 ceramic package, which is only .210 in. x .315 in. max.

While SSDI uses its design and packaging flexibility to develop new products, these capabilities also allow SSDI to respond to customer requests. SSDI can select die to target specific electrical performance. As long as the die can fit in the package, SSDI can offer multiple packaging options including surface mount, TO-25X, and legacy TO-X can packages. Contact SSDI online or at (562) 404-4474, to discuss additional products or specific program needs.


  • Fast switching speed
  • Low total gate charge
  • Simple drive
  • Ceramic, surface mount package
  • Hermetically sealed
  • TX, TXV, and S-level screening available

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