2023.04.28 - New TVS Offers Protection for Space Design

ST400A75S.22 Series: 400 W, 20 - 75 V TVS

La Mirada, California – SSDI’s new ST400A75S.22 series of transient voltage suppressors (TVS) has been designed in for a new Space program. This family of 400 W unidirectional TVS products includes standoff voltages from 20 V to 75 V. The ST400B36S.22 (36 V) will provide protection for power supply outputs for a spacecraft application. The ST400A75S.22 series is available in the hermetically sealed SMD.22. Since the SMD.22 is a ceramic package, it performs more efficiently in the extreme temperature cycles of deep space environments than glass sleeve type packages. This package also has a small footprint of .157" x .227" max and low profile of .075" max.

Since Zener and TVS products require a different wafer to target each specific voltage, SSDI maintains a large inventory of die to offer a wide range of solutions. As long as the die can fit in the package, SSDI can deliver products that meet specific electrical and mechanical requirements. For example, a 200 W bidirectional version (ST200A75S.22) and higher voltage versions of this device are also available. With its broad capabilities and flexibility, SSDI can also replace just about all two terminal devices offered by competitors. For more information or to discuss specific program requirements, contact SSDI online or at (562) 404-4474


  • Hermetically sealed ceramic package
  • Small footprint
  • Clamping time in picoseconds
  • TX, TXV, and S-level screening available
  • Additional voltage options available - consult factory

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