2020.07.29 - SM720 TVS Array Highlights SSDI's Strengths

SM720 TVS Array

La Mirada, CA - The SM720MD and SM720MM are electronic protection arrays, which highlight the advantages that SSDI offers to the aerospace and defense industries. With its in-house screening capabilities, SSDI has supplied space level versions of the SM720 for the International Space Station. These high reliability TVS arrays of 14 SCR / diode pairs provide ESD and overvoltage protection for highly sensitive applications such as microprocessor / logic input, data bus, analog device input, and voltage clamps. The SM720 is available in high density, hermetically sealed ceramic packages, the 16 pin SBDIP (MD) and surface mount 20 pin CLCC (MM).

The SM720MD and SM720MM are SSDI Class B “equivalent” parts with back-end conformance to MIL-STD-883 for final assembly, electrical testing, burn-in, and QC inspection. These 70 mA, 35 V devices feature a 6 kV ESD interface capability for HBM standards in accordance with MIL-STD-3015.7. The IEC 1000-4-2, direct discharge, has been measured at 4 kV (Level 2) for single input and 8 kV (Level 4) for two inputs in parallel. The IEC 1000-4-2, air discharge, has been measured at 15 kV (Level 4). They also provide overvoltage protection of +30 V (single ended voltage range) and a differential voltage range of ±17.5 V. Other features include a high peak surge capability of ±5 A (4 µs single pulse), 2 nsec rise time, low input leakage current of 1 nA (25°C typical), low input capacitance of 3 pF (typical), and a military temperature range of -55°C to 125°C.

Besides the high reliability, high density, and high performance nature of its products, SSDI also offers supply continuity by committing to support programs for their full life cycle. As the International Space Station approaches its 20th anniversary, SSDI continues to offer the SM720 as well as other hermetic products that have been supplied to this program. Throughout its 50+ years of serving space and defense programs, SSDI has demonstrated its flexibility by fulfilling its own supply commitment to customers and also stepping in to replace competitors’ products when other manufacturers were no longer willing or able to provide sustainment solutions. Contact SSDI online or at (562) 404-4474 for more information or to discuss specific program requirements.


  • Military Temperature Range -55°C to +125°C
  • An Array of 14 SCR/Diode Pairs
  • ESD Interface Capability for HBM Standards: 6 kV (MIL-STD-3015.7)
  • High Peak Surge Capability ±5 A (4 µs Single Pulse)
  • High Reliability Hermetic Ceramic Packages
  • Provides Over-Voltage Protection +30 V (Single Ended Voltage Range)
  • Fast Switching - 2 ns Risetime
  • No Thermal Fatigue
  • Low Input Leakage Current - 1 nA
  • Low Input Capacitance - 3 pF Typical
  • Replacement for SP720MD, MM

ESD and Overvoltage Protection for Highly Sensitive Applications:

  • Microprocessor / Logic Input
  • Data Bus
  • Analog Device Input
  • Voltage Clamps

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