2022.10.04 - SSDI Delivers High Performance Patch for JANS2N3440UA Supply Issues

SFT5010-SFT5012: 1 A, 500 - 700 V NPN BJT

When a space program could no longer procure the JANS2N3440UA, SSDI offered a higher performance, drop-in replacement for the 1 A, 250 V NPN transistor. The customer also wanted to improve upon the JANS2N3440UA’s collector-base cutoff current of 2 µA @ 360 V. SSDI recommended its SFT5010, which offers a higher voltage of 500 V and a lower leakage of 10 nA @ 400 V. The SFT5010 also offers a low collector-emitter saturation voltage of 0.1 V. The SFT5010 series includes 600 and 700 V versions (SFT5011 and SFT5012), but higher voltages are also available.

Parameter 2N3440
IC 1 A 0.2 A 1 A
VCER 250 V 500 V 500 V
ICBO 2 µA 10 nA 10 nA
VCE(sat) 0.5 V 1.4 V 0.1 V

In addition to targeting performance enhancements, SSDI offers packaging flexibility to meet the specific mechanical requirements for each program. The SFT5010 had been available in the surface mount SMD.22 for new designs and TO-5 for legacy designs. In order to avoid re-design efforts for the customer, SSDI added the LCC4 package option to match the UA package footprint on the design.

Due to its large inventory of bipolar transistor die, SSDI has a large offering of NPN and PNP transistors from 1 A to 200 A and 100 V to 1000 V. Contact SSDI online or at (562) 404-4474 to discuss your specific program needs.


  • Radiation tolerant
  • Fast switching; high frequency
  • High gain, low saturation voltage
  • Low leakage
  • 200°C operating temperature
  • Higher voltages available - contact factory
  • Replacement for 2N3439 - 2N3440 (/368)
  • Enhanced version of 2N5010 - 2N5012 (/727)

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