2017.08.14 - New Catalog: End of Life / DMS Solutions

SSDI has delivered high reliability, hermetic power semiconductors, modules, and assemblies to the aerospace and defense industries for 50 years. Besides its wide range of standard products, SSDI's engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow it to deliver unique products in accordance with SSDI or customer source control drawings. In addition to its new, innovative products, SSDI offers end of life / DMS solutions to replace products from most manufacturers including Motorola, Texas Instruments, Microsemi, International Rectifier, Semtech, Siliconix, etc.

SSDI has released a new catalog, End of Life / DMS Solutions, to highlight how its unique set of capabilities not only lead to the development of new product innovations but also deliver end of life solutions for legacy programs. The full catalog with featured end of life solutions is available for download on the Literature webpage.

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