2023.07.10 - New Hyperfast Rectifier Offers Double the Output Current of 1N5811

1N8265: 12 A, 180 V Rectifiers

La Mirada, California – SSDI has released the 1N8265 rectifier that offers two times the output current (12 A) than the industry standard, 1N5811. In comparison to the similarly sized 1N5811, the 1N8265 also delivers higher voltage (180 V), twice the surge current (250 A min), lower thermal resistance, and lower forward voltage drop (0.860 V @ 4 A). The 1N8265 is a hyperfast rectifier with a reverse recovery time of 40 ns.

Parameter 1N8265SMS
1N8265SMS: 12 A, 180 V Rectifiers
IO 12 A 6 A
VR 180 V 150 V
IFSM 250 A 125 A
RθJEC 4.5°C/W 6.5°C/W
VF @ 4 A .860 V .875 V

In addition to its electrical advantages, the 1N8265 shares the mechanical advantages of SSDI’s QPL rectifiers. The 1N8265 features a high temperature Category I eutectic metallurgical bond and void free hermetically sealed ceramic frit glass construction. These rectifiers have solid silver leads, which allow for a higher firing temperature. Due to SSDI’s proprietary high temperature processing (> 700°C), these devices offer a more rugged package compared to glass sleeve type packages like the 1N5811. Many space programs also prefer solid silver leads as they facilitate welding for solar arrays. The 1N8265 is a hermetic device available in axial leaded or surface mount square tab (SMS).

The 1N8265 is the latest example of how SSDI offers high density, high performance, and high reliability products specifically for the aerospace and defense industries. This device is competitively priced and currently available with equivalent TX, TXV, and S level screening. Since it is already manufactured with SSDI’s QPL processing, SSDI is planning to submit for QPL approval. If your high reliability program is searching for higher performance products, contact SSDI online or call (562) 404-4474.


  • Hyperfast reverse recovery: 40 ns max
  • High surge current: 250 A maximum
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Low forward voltage drop: 0.975 V @ 12 A
  • Void free ceramic frit glass construction
  • Solid silver leads
  • High temperature category I eutectic metallurgical bond
  • For high efficiency applications
  • Available in axial leaded and surface mount square tab
  • TX, TXV, and S level screening available
  • High current replacements for 1N5811

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