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New Subminiature HV Diode Offers Advantages Over 1N5420 & 1N5554 Devices in HiRel Applications
May 09, 2017

Solid State Devices, Inc. is excited to introduce the new SDR310 subminiature fast recovery rectifier for high reliability applications. This 3 amp, 1000 volt diode has a typical reverse recovery time of 250 nsec. The SDR310 offers higher voltage and lower capacitance compared to the 600 volt 1N5420. Though the 1N5554 delivers a higher output current of 5 amps, the SDR310’s reverse recovery is much faster at 400 nsec max than the 1N5554’s rating of 2 µsec max. SSDI’s high voltage diodes are currently supplied to various military and other high reliability programs. The SDR310 would also benefit similar applications including electronic warfare, armament, radar, avionics, transformer / power systems, etc.

Weight and Board Space Advantages

In addition to the electrical advantages, the SDR310 offers significant weight savings, which can be critical for airborne / flight applications. The SDR310SMS is only 0.3 g typical compared to 0.75 g typical for the 1N5420US and 1N5554US. The dimensions of the SDR310SMS measure 0.123 x 0.220 in. max., which provides a smaller footprint than the 1N5420US (0.148 x 0.225 in. max.) and 1N5554US (0.186 x 0.275 in. max.). The gullwing diode and flat leads packages offer a surface mount option with a lower profile of only 0.120 in.

Half-Bridge Rectifier in Centertap / Doubler Configuration

The SDR610 utilizes two SDR310 diodes to form a half-bridge rectifier, which can easily be configured as a centertap, doubler or parallel connection. A single device can replace a much larger TO-257 package. By connecting two of these devices – one common cathode and one common anode – in your printed circuit assembly (PCA), you have a powerful but miniature full wave bridge. The void free construction of the SDR610 also eliminates die attach, wire bond, hermeticity, and PIND issues related to TO-25X and stud mount packages.

For more features and electrical characteristics:

SDR310 Data Sheet

SDR610 Data Sheet

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