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SSDI Celebrates 50 Years of Service to the Aerospace & Defense Industries
February 17, 2017

In celebration of its 50th Anniversary, Solid State Devices, Inc. has released a pamphlet, which encapsulates the products and services it has provided to the aerospace and defense industries since 1967.

This pamplet highlights 3 key points :

  1. SSDI supplies high quality products to support the programs of major Space / Defense OEMs
  2. Breakdown of SSDI's products by sector
  3. Advantages that separate SSDI from other semiconductor manufacturers

Click here to download the pdf version (~1.8MB)

From its inception, SSDI has shown an unwavering commitment to deliver hermetic semiconductor devices and assemblies for critical aerospace and defense applications. This pursuit has driven SSDI to not only provide the highest quality in widely used standard products, but to continually develop unique, innovative solutions aimed at enhancing performance and resolving real world issues.

This underlying philosophy distinguishes SSDI from other semiconductor manufacturers as it does not simply aim to flood the market with high volume commodities, but rather seeks to precisely match SSDI’s product capabilities to the needs of customers’ applications. SSDI offers a wide range of in-house support from design engineering, mechanical engineering, HiRel screening / testing, manufacturing expertise, wafer fabrication, packaging / tooling capabilities, and ordering / document processing assistance. SSDI’s engineering and technical staff currently draws upon over 700+ years of experience in the semiconductor manufacturing field at companies such as Microsemi, International Rectifier, Semtech, TRW, Motorola, and Unitrode. While serving as an additional resource from the initial inquiry to product installation to the sustainment of the program, SSDI’s wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience are essential to understanding the customers’ application and ensuring that its products enhance overall performance. In a time where larger companies reduce overhead costs by outsourcing or eliminating their technical support services, SSDI considers this support indispensible in responding to specific customer needs and thus providing optimal value.

SSDI's aerospace and defense products are characterized by the 3 H's: High Density, High Performance, and High Reliability.As a forward looking, global supplier for the aerospace and defense industries, SSDI can be characterized by the 3 H’s: High Density, High Performance, and High Reliability. By continually evaluating materials, processes, and package designs, SSDI can especially support military and space flight applications by providing High Density hermetic products. These products can add the benefits of a smaller footprint and reduced weight while meeting the customers’ electrical requirements. SSDI’s administration, engineers, and technical team also collaborate to develop the next generation of High Performance hermetic products. From the EPION™ series of ion-implanted ultrafast rectifiers released in the early 1970s to the first 300 volt hermetic silicon Schottky rectifiers released last year, SSDI has never rested on its existing product line, but has always sought to deliver new solutions when other suppliers fall short in meeting customer needs. SSDI’s commitment to High Reliability hermetic products is evident in its quality certifications such as JANS and ISO 9001/ AS9100. SSDI also stands by its products by investing in the raw materials needed to supply small quantity orders spread out over the lifetime of the program. All of these qualities also allow SSDI to deliver sustainment solutions for legacy programs or develop modified products to replace older devices unable to meet the higher specifications of upgraded systems.

In supporting the leading contractors in military and aerospace applications such as Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin, SSDI is proud that its products play a significant role in the security of our nation and the safety of heroes in the military and space exploration. SSDI’s leadership and strong commitment to advance high efficiency technology and develop new High Density, High Performance, and High Reliability products make it the benchmark for the aerospace and defense community.

Contact SSDI to learn how its products and services can benefit your programs:
(562) 404-4474 or

If you would like hard copies for reference and to distribute to your colleagues, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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