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February 01, 2017

SSDI Releases New Catalog: Hermetic High Voltage Products
Solid State Devices, Inc. (SSDI) is excited to release the new catalog, Hermetic High Voltage Products, which highlights the features and electrical data for its standard high voltage diodes, diode assemblies, and bridge assemblies. SSDI has designed and manufactured centertaps / doublers, single phase bridges, three phase bridges, high voltage stacks, voltage multipliers, high voltage power supplies, and Zeners / TVS Modules for a variety of applications including radar, TWT communication, electronic countermeasures, pulsed energy, etc.

SSDI's Flexibility Delivers Solutions
While SSDI offers a wide range of standard products, SSDI also builds to customer source control drawings (SCDs) and offers modifications to standard products in order to best meet the customers’ electrical and mechanical specifications. With its in-house engineering design team and tooling / packaging capabilities, SSDI’s product capabilities extend far beyond the standard product offering to deliver enhanced electrical performance and unique high density package options. The following table displays the range of electrical performance that can be supported by SSDI’s high voltage product line.

SSDI's High Voltage Technical Capability
Voltage Standard to 20 kV Extended HV Range to > 50 kV
Current Standard to 5 A Extended Current Range > 50 A
Recovery Time Most common speed is
40 - 90 nsec
As low as 15 nsec, as high as 5 µsec
Surge Current Standard to 100 A Extended Range > 400 A

SSDI’s engineers and technical staff currently draw upon 700+ years of experience in the semiconductor manufacturing field at companies like Microsemi, International Rectifier, Semtech, TRW, Motorola, and Unitrode. SSDI’s wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience are essential to understanding the customers’ application and ensuring that its products enhance overall performance. While SSDI’s technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities provide the flexibility to develop new, innovative products, these same qualities also benefit customers experiencing obsolescence or sustainment issues. When other suppliers struggle with quality issues or no longer support a part, SSDI is able to step in and respond quickly to assist the customer. SSDI also commits to support customers for the entire life cycle of their programs to alleviate concerns with obsolescence and sustainment issues.

SSDI's High Voltage Heritage
Since its founding in 1967, SSDI has played a significant role in the supply of high voltage products to the aerospace and defense industries. In the late 1960s, high voltage vacuum tubes were typically being used in radar systems. SSDI developed and supplied a solid state rectifier tube replacement which had the same envelope as the vacuum tube, but was able to function indefinitely. In those early years, SSDI also supplied many bridge assemblies and high voltage sticks for various military programs. By the 1980s, SSDI developed its stack junction technology to produce high voltage diodes in a small profile axial leaded or SMD package. The JANS1N6519 series of ultrafast, high voltage rectifiers delivers up to 10,000 volts and exemplifies how SSDI has applied its stack junction technology to produce rugged, high performance products. Over the past 50 years, SSDI has supplied over 100,000 pieces of high voltage modules and continues to refine its proprietary design processes to set the standard for high reliability, high voltage diodes and assemblies.

Download the new Hermetic High Voltage Products catalog.

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