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Flat Leads Solution Saves Time and Labor for Solar Array Applications
January 10, 2017

Flat Leads Solution Saves Time and Labor for Solar Array Applications
Solar array engineers mentioned that the preparation of axial leaded diodes for their applications created a major hassle requiring large amounts of time and tedious labor. With its in-house tooling and packaging capabilities, SSDI responded to this need by developing the flat leads packaging option for its HiRel diodes. The flat leads package offers the following advantages for applications with photovoltaic (PV) panels requiring solar array bypass / blocking diodes:

  • Cold formed leads provide stress relief
  • Ideal for welding to BUS bar
  • Solid silver leads (plating or hot solder dip is not necessary)
  • Customizable to customer specifications

Replacements and Upgraded Performance Available
The flat leads option can be applied to SSDI’s wide range of space level diodes. The tooling can also be adjusted to match the mechanical specifications of existing designs. SSDI offers replacements for many devices such as the 1N5811, 1N5420, and 1N5554. For new designs and applications that need upgraded performance or increased guard band, SSDI’s innovative offerings such as the 1N8257 and the QPL certified JANS1N7068 provide many advantages over older devices.

Sample of SSDI Fabricated Space Level Diodes vs. the 1N5811 Series

1N8257 Series
Alternative for
1N5811 Series
JANS1N7068 Series
High Current Replacement for
1N5811 Series
IO 6 A 6 A 10 A
VR 50 - 150 V 100 - 200 V 100 - 200 V
IFSM 125 A 180 A - 160 A 350 A
VF @ 25°C

0.865 V (@ 3 A)
0.875 V (@ 4 A)
0.925 V (@ 6 A)

0.865 - 0.890 V (@ 3 A)
0.875 - 0.940 V (@ 4 A)
0.925 - 1.000 V (@ 6 A)
0.775 V typ (@ 3 A)
0.790 V typ (@ 4 A)
0.900 V (@ 6 A)
IR @ 25°C 5 µA 2 µA 1 µA
High Temp IR 525 µA
@ 125°C
100 µA
@ 150°C
100 µA
@ 125°C
tRR 30 nsec 30 nsec 30 nsec

Contact SSDI at (562) 404-4474 or for more information or to request samples

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