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SSDI Delivers Legacy Military Thyristor Device in TO-83 Package
November 23, 2016

Recently, a customer was having difficulty procuring a small quantity of thyristor devices in the TO-83 package in accordance with an SCD from the 1960s. Die was selected from SSDI’s vast die bank (over 10 million obsolete semiconductor die in environmentally controlled inventory) to meet the electrical specifications of the customer’s SCD. Then SSDI’s engineers developed an assembly process to build the TO-83 package. Unlike other manufacturers, SSDI is able to accommodate smaller minimum order quantities. SSDI relies on its strong relationships with die foundries and parts suppliers to facilitate small production runs. When customers encounter supply or obsolescence issues, SSDI’s experienced engineering and manufacturing team deliver HiRel solutions.

Technical, Manufacturing, and Test / Screening Support for DMSMS SCD, Custom and Standard High Reliability Semiconductors

  • Rectifiers / Schottkys
  • Zeners and TVS products
  • Bipolar Junction Transistors - Small Signal, Medium Signal and Power
  • Darlingtons
  • Linear Voltage Regulators
  • JFETs
  • Thyristors / SCRs
  • Unijunction Transistors / PUTs
  • High Power Rectifiers - DO-9 / Hockey Pucks
  • High Voltage Assemblies
  • RF Devices

Key Advantages of SSDI's Sustainment Support

  • In addition to QPL products, a wide range of data sheets available

  • Welcome opportunities to build to Source Control Drawings (SCDs)

  • Able to build replacements for competitors' products, often providing higher density and / or higher performance versions

  • SSDI's Engineering / Manufacturing / Quality Review: initial discussion and assessment to determine how SSDI can best fulfill customers' product needs

    - Major / minor electrical parameters: options to upgrade performance
    - Testing and screening requirements
    - Packaging options: modifications to meet mechanical requirements

  • Package / Tooling

    - Large inventory of obsolete "DO" and "TO" package styles
    - Custom component subcontractor base
    - In-house machine shop for tooling and short-run package manufacturing
    - Package manufacturing / ceramic to metal brazing / hermetic assemblies

  • Samples available for most products

  • Read & Record Data and QCI Data provided where available

  • Uniquely positioned to accommodate sporadic, small quantity orders over a long time frame

Come visit SSDI at the
DMC 2016 & DMSMS 2016 Conference:

Exhibition Booth #810

For more information:
(562) 404 - 4474

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