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World's First Hermetic 300 Volt Schottkys & World's Smallest Hermetic Centertap Schottkys
August 29, 2016

Solid State Devices, Inc. has achieved another breakthrough with the world’s first hermetic 300 volt silicon Schottky rectifiers, the highest voltage rating for hermetic silicon Schottkys in the industry. The SED20HB300 series offers 20 amps of output current, low forward voltage drop (0.85 V typical @ IF = 20 A, 25°C; 0.72 V typical @ IF = 20 A, 125°C), and low reverse leakage current (5 µA typical @ Rated VR, 25°C; 0.6 mA typical @ Rated VR, 125°C).    

When SSDI released its 200 volt hermetic silicon Schottky rectifiers product line in 2011, design engineers for military and space applications took advantage of its increased guard band and higher efficiency by upgrading from 100 - 150 volt Schottkys. While current designs can similarly benefit from upgrading to the 300 volt versions, new designs can leverage the latest and highest rated hermetic silicon Schottkys to better anticipate increased demands and stresses in the future. 

The surface mount package, Sedpack 1, provides many advantages for designers of space and military applications. SSDI’s Sedpack products are particularly popular with space / flight applications such as satellites, launch vehicles, manned spacecraft, and military aircraft because of their small footprint (0.235" x 0.235”, without lead), low profile (0.095” max), and low weight (0.3 g typ). The low inductance design is ideal for high frequency applications. Additionally, the Sedpack’s eutectic die attach, brazed package construction, and high temperature construction (>280°C) produce a rugged package capable of withstanding harsh space and battlefield conditions.

With the many benefits of the Sedpack 1 package, SSDI has combined two of these devices to create new centertap Schottky rectifiers. This innovative design can effectively replace a TO-25X type device with a small, lightweight surface mount package. The typical weight of the hot case version of these devices is only 0.65 g (0.95 g for isolated versions) and has a much smaller footprint than the TO-254 package (0.485” x 0.380”). SSDI’s initial release offers an output current range of 20 to 90 amps and voltage ratings up to 300 volts. By matching the electrical performance of TO-25X type devices, these new centertap Schottkys can significantly increase board space and reduce weight, which are key considerations for space / flight applications.

Part Number IO
VF (typ) @ 25°C
@ IF (A) IR (typ) @ 25°C
SED20HE200CT 20 200 100 0.85 20 0.7
SED30HE100CT 30 100 175 0.78 15 5
SED40HE300CT 40 300 250 0.85 20 5
SED40HE45CT 40 45 250 0.64 20 20
SED40HE45LVCT 40 45 250 0.55 20 125




350 0.57 45 15


For more electrical ratings and outlines, download SSDI's New Schottky Solutions brochure.

To request samples, contact SSDI at (562) 404-4474 or


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