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SSDI Announces the Development of the SM720MD and SM720MM
May 15, 2008

SM720MD and SM720MM*

La Mirada, CA - Solid State Devices, Inc. (SSDI) announces the development of the SM720MD and SM720MM, high reliability TVS array of 14 SCR/Diode pairs for ESD and overvoltage protection. These devices provide protection for highly sensitive applications such as microprocessor/logic input, data bus, analog device input, and voltage clamps. 

The SM720MD and SM720MM are SSDI Class B "equivalent" parts with back-end conformance to MIL-STD-883 for final assembly, electrical testing, burn-in, and QC inspection. These 70 mA, 35 V devices feature a 6 kV ESD interface capability for HBM standards in accordance with MIL-STD-3015.7. The IEC 1000-4-2, direct discharge, has been measured at 4kV (Level 2) for single input and 8kV (Level 4) for two inputs in parallel. The IEC 1000-4-2, air discharge, has been measured at 15kV (Level 4). They also provide overvoltage protection of +30V (single ended voltage range) and a differential voltage range of ±17.5V. Other features include a high peak surge capability of ±5A (4µs single pulse), 2 nsec rise time, low input leakage current of 1 nA (25°C typical), low input capacitance of 3pF (typical), and a military temperature range of -55°C to 125°C. The SM720MD and SM720MM are available in two packages, the 16 pin SBDIP or 20 pin CLCC.

*The Space Level version of this device has been approved and is currently qualified for the International Space Station (ISS).

This release marks the latest innovation SSDI has contributed to the aerospace and defense industries. For over 40 years, SSDI has established a proud reputation for high reliability, performance, and quality in the design and manufacture of electronic components, assemblies, modules, and subsystems. While headquartered in La Mirada, California, SSDI is a global resource for the aerospace and defense industries, and supplies high reliability solutions for your semiconductor requirements.

If you would like more information about these parts, please contact our Sales and Marketing Department at (562) 404-4474. [SM720 data sheet.pdf]

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