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Struggling to find Thyristors? SSDI expands Thyristor product line...
June 05, 2015

Solid State Devices, Inc. (SSDI) is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its Thyristor product line. For over 40 years, SSDI has supplied hermetically sealed silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs) and programmable unijunction transistors (PUTs) to the aerospace and defense industries. While typically supplying devices up to 55 amps and 1,000 volts during that period, SSDI has begun offering thyristor products from less than 1 amp to over 175 amps as well as up to 1,600 volts. 

Many customers have taken advantage of SSDI’s broad in-house capabilities to meet critical specifications. In some cases, SSDI has employed its engineering / design expertise to supply thyristors with enhanced electrical performance such as higher current products and faster tq versions of standard industry products. SSDI has also supplied surface mount versions of standard products to assist its customers in producing smaller designs. With its in-house packaging capabilities, SSDI offers thyristor devices in TO-25X and surface mount packages, which offer design engineers additional mounting options and increased board space / weight savings. Whether searching for higher current, faster tq, or smaller / modern packaging options, design engineers are no longer limited to the thyristor product offering of the past.

While customers have increasingly cited sustainment issues for these products with other suppliers, SSDI utilizes its expansive die bank and established foundry relationships to provide solutions for the lifetime of the program. Contact SSDI today for more information, samples, and to discuss how SSDI’s thyristor product line can meet specific program needs.

To download a pdf version of the catalog, click here to visit the literature webpage (~1.2MB).



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