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Powerful Full Bridge Rectifier
May 17, 2017

SSDI offers the SDR626CT/CA series of 80 A dual hyperfast centertap rectifiers, which consist of both a common anode and a common cathode configuration in one hermetic package. A single SDR626CT/CA device can deliver the same performance as two TO-259 devices with the added benefits of reduced weight, smaller footprint, and decreased quantity of components needed. The isolated 6 Pin TO-259 package weighs only 7.5 g and is identical to the standard TO-259 package, besides the additional 3 leads. The new surface mount version will further increase the benefits in size and weight as well as facilitate the mounting process. This device can easily be implemented as a powerful, hermetic full bridge rectifier.

The SDR626CT/CA series is designed to operate from 300 to 600 volts and is ideal for high efficiency applications with its low reverse recovery time of 35 nec max and low reverse leakage current of 50 µA at 25°C. These devices are currently in use for military communication systems and can enhance other high reliability military and space programs. TX, TXV, and Space level screening based on MIL-PRF-19500 is available.

For more information about higher voltages, fast / ultrafast versions, or to request samples, contact SSDI at (562) 404-4474 or

SDR626CT/CA Series Data Sheet

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